Product Tests

Would you like to take FREE Product Tests and earn great rewards?

Have you ever wondered how people are able to try great products for free?  Having worked in Market Research for quite a few years, we know how people get selected to participate in product tests.

How do you get selected to participate in free product tests?

Many market research companies select people to try new products from their online survey panels.  It makes a lot of sense that they would do this.

  1. They have a list of members already willing to take online surveys.  That means it will not cost them anything to select these members.
  2. They already have a lot of demographic information on these members.  To join the online survey, members must provide key demographic information about their household – age, region, household size, marital status, education and income. This makes it very easy for them to identify and select a targeted group of members.
  3. They can avoid members who have recently conducted surveys on similar topics or can select members based on their past survey responses.
  4. Most people really enjoy taking product tests.  So why not keep their members very happy by giving them this great opportunity.

What kinds of products can you test?

Product tests are often conducted before a new product has reached the market or before a modification is made to an existing product.  I’ve seen many products being tested by online members.  Some examples of product tests are cleaning products, hair colour, cereal, coffee makers and even a washing machine!

Will product tests cost you anything?

No, not if you join the online surveys on SavvySeekers.  We list only legitimate market research companies that would never charge you anything to take part in a product test.  All charges for shipping and handling will be covered by the company.  In fact, you may get a reward for participating in the product test.  You may even get to keep the product!

How do I sign up for product tests?

Just visit your country page from the tab above and join the survey panels you are interested in.  As you are signing up, watch out for questions about product tests. Some of them will mention product tests specifically.  Be sure to indicate that you are interested in participating.  Once you have joined, don’t forget to check your email for the confirmation.  You will not be able to participate in surveys if you do not click the confirmation link.

Some companies select members based on responses they gave to surveys they have participated in. Even surveys that are offering a sweepstakes entry for participating may qualify you for a product test.  Check your emails regularly and watch out for these invitations.

It’s very easy to take free product tests and earn great rewards!

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