Earning Potential from Taking Online Surveys

If it sounds too good to be true…

Yeah, you know how it goes. If you’ve been looking to join some online survey sites you likely know that there are a lot of survey sites promising big rewards for taking surveys – $10, $25, some even calculate how much money you can make every month. There’s one problem with this: how many research companies can afford to pay out so much money for taking surveys?

Some of these sites that promise big rewards for taking surveys will charge you a fee for accessing their information. I’ve seen fees of $10, $20 even $30 dollars. Once inside these sites you get the exact same information as you can find on SavvySeekers and on many other free sites on the internet. Please don’t pay a fee to access this information. Visit your country page on SavvySeekers or do some searching on Google. There are a lot of ways to sign up for online surveys – just please do not pay for it. You really don’t need to.

What is your real earning potential from taking online surveys?

The vast majority of surveys will pay the equivalent of $1-$5. There are times when the odd survey will pay a higher incentive. Some examples are:

- sensitive surveys
– longer surveys
– surveys conducted in more than one part
– product tests
– surveys where you need to download something on your computer (be wary of these if they are not coming from one of the companies listed on our site!)

By checking your email every day and taking online surveys, your account can still add up quickly. It’s a great way to make some extra money. You may also get lucky and win a bigger sweepstakes. And, you may be invited to participate in product tests and focus groups.  Depending on the focus group, you could earn $100-$150 for participating. Just for taking online surveys!  Your earning potential from taking online surveys may be more than you think.

The survey companies we list are all legitimate market research companies. They will all keep your information confidential, they will give you the rewards you have earned and they won’t try to sell you anything.

Visit your country page above and sign up for the surveys you want to try. You can try one, or try them all!

Still not sure about signing up? We’ve got more info for you to help you decide. Read about signing up with online panels , what’s next with online surveys after you have signed up and our top 5 online survey tips. You can also learn more about us or contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about online surveys.